Sunday, December 21, 2003


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Hello 032 students - This is an update on homework due Saturday Dec 20


Excercise 3 asks you to compare two web sites. You can't do this because one of the sites is not available. So instead please evaluate the site you can access according to the criteria given. Write your evaluation in the space for comparison on p. 3

Also, write in your blogs the TOPIC for your End of Semester project. I will look at these over the weekend.

Have a nice weekend,


Sunday, November 23, 2003

What should your HTML document have for full marks:

10 points - you have submitted an html document to Work Finished
10 points - you have an introduction of yourself inside a p ... /p tag package
10 points - you have at least one picture on it img src ... etc
10 points - you have a description of at least one picture inside a p ... /p tag package
10 points - you have a link to the latest version of your BLOG A HREF etc.
10 points - all text and picture displays are working over Internet
10 points - all A HREF etc links are working over Internet
10 points - a centered heading in large font
20 points - good use of other features covered in the HTML tutorial steps 1-10 - for example, change text and background color, or use lines, or resize your photo, or make a table to space your pictures

Friday, November 21, 2003

This information has been placed in the INTRANET version of your Homework Assignments list, Nov 24, 2003. You'll find it on the Interent next day.

Before going away for your Eid holiday, I need to know how you're doing with your keyboarding. I need for you to write me a memo that explains your progress.

Here's how you do it:

1. Create an Excel spreadsheet like the one where you track your work with DOS Keyboarding Tutor
2. Enter your data in the spreadsheet (exercise, date, speed, and accuracy)
3. Use the chart wizard to create a line graph
4. Rename series 1 and 2 to Speed and Accuracy
5. Give the chart a title and label the X and Y axes
6. Produce a chart and copy it to your computer RAM
7. Open word and use File / New to create a MEMO
8. Delete the memo text (body) and paste your chart object there
9. Address the memo to your teacher
10. From you (and don't forget to include your ID)
11. Delete the cc (carbon copy, not needed)
12. Subject or Re: DOS Keyboard Tutor Progress Report
13. Write a paragraph (a few sentences) to REPORT (describe, explain) your progress
14. Your keyboarding mark will be taken from this memo

Thanks, and happy holidays

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Here is an online typing tutor program

Sunday, October 26, 2003

Hi everyone. Today Oct 28 we worked on our blogs. Your homework today is to HAVE one and give me the url (below). Also, you need to know how to post, edit, and publish your blogs.

Here are the blogs from 032b

Ahmed Abdul Sattar http://ahmed157.blogspot.com
Waleed Hassan
Hussain Mohamed http://abbadi787.blogspot.com
Ahmed Mubarak http://lordforever.blogspot.com
Fuad Khaled http://elghadar.blogspot.com
Mohamed Qaed http://mhmd276.blogspot.com
Ahmed Mohamed http://spysama.blogspot.com
Ahmed Helal http://aldhanhani.blogspot.com
Abdulla Khalifa http://almsafri.blogspot.com
Ahmed Awadh
Khalid Abood http://khaled442.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abdul Hameed http://mohd-alhammadi.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abdel Ghafour http://mar7eba.blogspot.com
Fahad Mubarak http://mobie.blogspot.com
Mohmed Ali http://mohcomputing.blogspot.com
Mansour Ali http://alnuaimi.blogspot.com
Tariq Abdulla http://tariqaljunaibi.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abu Baker http://alhashimy5500.blogspot.com

Here are the blogs from 032c

Khaled Ahmed http://uz.blogspot.com
Hamed Asad http://alhashimy.blogspot.com
Ahmed Saeed http://lonlyguy.blogspot.com
Maad Hasan http://alsubaihi.blogspot.com
Abdulla Salem http://tamo4ever.blogspot.com
Abdulla Yousif http://emaratiano.blogspot.com
Mohammed Khamis http://www.geocities.com/hamood475
*Yousif Ibrahim
*Saeed Nasser
**Abdul Nasser http://msnmess.blogspot.com
Abdullah Mohammed
Khalid Mubarak http://sandagooo.blogspot.com
Mohamed Sai

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Thanks Abdullah for your message at my Homestead Guest Book.

See you guys on Monday, Vance

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