Sunday, October 26, 2003

Hi everyone. Today Oct 28 we worked on our blogs. Your homework today is to HAVE one and give me the url (below). Also, you need to know how to post, edit, and publish your blogs.

Here are the blogs from 032b

Ahmed Abdul Sattar http://ahmed157.blogspot.com
Waleed Hassan
Hussain Mohamed http://abbadi787.blogspot.com
Ahmed Mubarak http://lordforever.blogspot.com
Fuad Khaled http://elghadar.blogspot.com
Mohamed Qaed http://mhmd276.blogspot.com
Ahmed Mohamed http://spysama.blogspot.com
Ahmed Helal http://aldhanhani.blogspot.com
Abdulla Khalifa http://almsafri.blogspot.com
Ahmed Awadh
Khalid Abood http://khaled442.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abdul Hameed http://mohd-alhammadi.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abdel Ghafour http://mar7eba.blogspot.com
Fahad Mubarak http://mobie.blogspot.com
Mohmed Ali http://mohcomputing.blogspot.com
Mansour Ali http://alnuaimi.blogspot.com
Tariq Abdulla http://tariqaljunaibi.blogspot.com
Mohamed Abu Baker http://alhashimy5500.blogspot.com

Here are the blogs from 032c

Khaled Ahmed http://uz.blogspot.com
Hamed Asad http://alhashimy.blogspot.com
Ahmed Saeed http://lonlyguy.blogspot.com
Maad Hasan http://alsubaihi.blogspot.com
Abdulla Salem http://tamo4ever.blogspot.com
Abdulla Yousif http://emaratiano.blogspot.com
Mohammed Khamis http://www.geocities.com/hamood475
*Yousif Ibrahim
*Saeed Nasser
**Abdul Nasser http://msnmess.blogspot.com
Abdullah Mohammed
Khalid Mubarak http://sandagooo.blogspot.com
Mohamed Sai

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Thanks Abdullah for your message at my Homestead Guest Book.

See you guys on Monday, Vance

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Mid semester exam is Tuesday October 21, 2003 from 12 to 1 p.m.

After mid-semester exams we will do work with HTML and Internet. If you are planning to bring a photo for the class web page (032b and 032c), please bring it before then

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